Friday Funnies

Hi, today I am going to make a Friday funnies post even though it is Monday. I thought this first video was super funny and I really liked it. Part of it is from one of my favorite movies. I hope it makes you laugh. This next one is a meme and I thought it […]

School Review!

Hi, today I am going to be doing a review on my school  ( Draper park Middle school ). I think that the classes are a good size and there are all the supplies that you would every need to do work and assignments. The technology is good and I like how we all get […]

Free write!

Hey, today I am going to do a free write. I am going to I am going to tell you the three things that I would wish for if I found a genie in a magical lamp. The first thing that I would wish for is a bunch of money. I would use this to […]

A Day in Life!

Hello, today I am going to tell you about my average day in life. At 6:30 I wake up for the day to get ready and go to school. I hate waking up. At 7:10 my carpool picks me up or my mom drives my carpool. Then I go to school. My first period is […]

The results are in!

Based on the results from my poll dog breeds it shows that people said there favorite dog breed was the golden retriever. The second most favorite dog breed was the Husky. No one thought that the beagle, border collie, bulldog, and Great Dane were their favorite dog breed. My favorite dog breed is the golden […]

Travel post!

Hello and welcome to another travel post. This time I am going to be talking about my trip to Arizona for a soccer tournament. It was super fun and we won 2 of our 3 games. First we took a plane ride to Arizona and we got of the plane pretty late and I was […]

Dogs are better than cats!

I think that dogs are better than cats. Some reasons I think this is because dogs are super loyal and there are many stories of dogs being real life heroes. First dogs are super loyal. Dogs are super sweet and they will never leave your side. They will follow you every where you go and […]

Reflection on 2020 and 2021!

2020 and 2021 had been some of the craziest years ever. The main thing that made these years crazy is covid. Covid is a virus that caused a world wide pandemic if you didn’t already know witch I highly doubt. We had to stay quarantine and home from school in spring 2020.  At first I […]